Who We Are

Who We Are

Evolution Financial Group is an integrated suite of financial businesses, spanning nearly 500 employees across ten global offices.  Our diversified capital markets specialties include: debt and equity finance, private equity and venture capital investments, commercial and residential real estate, and securities research and brokerage.  While we have many and diverse business lines, each one integrates into the whole to serve a purpose towards our general mission.

Evolution often acts as both financial sponsor and general partner in our business lines. We find this strongly aligns our interests with those of our clients, affiliates, and co-investors.

Evolution was founded in 2002 by Michael Lerch as an alternative investment manager. The firm has been built on a foundation of flexibility and scalability, allowing us to continually adapt to changing market conditions through new investment businesses, strategies, and products.

At Evolution, we believe that strong partnerships are the long-term key to our success.  We invest in our counterparties and they in turn invest in us, and in doing so we discover new opportunities and advise each other to bring about optimal mutual outcomes.  This fosters a dynamic interaction between Evolution and its counterparties that is unique. Technology, infrastructure, and staff expertise allow Evolution to participate in transactions that involve some of the world’s largest and most reputable corporations, banks, and investment firms.

Experienced Team with Global Capabilities

Evolution’s global leadership is comprised of experienced professionals from many of the world’s leading banking and trading firms.  We believe that the depth and breadth of our intellectual capital and the rich experience of our professional teams have been the key drivers of the group’s ability to generate exceptional returns and to create strong, lasting business relationships with our partners.

Our international presence, especially in Japan, includes premiere investment banking and brokerage services which provide a source of unique credit- and equity-based deal-flow throughout the region.  We have approximately 250 employees working in five Japanese-based companies, and we play an active role in the business and cultural community through Evolution-sponsored events and social impact programs.

Evolution’s scaled and diversified businesses, coupled with our strong industry relationships, positively position us for continued strong performance in a variety of market conditions.

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